Available courses

Exchange of information between dog handlers

This space is intended to serve as a tool for testing the functionality of the registration and exchange of information between the dog handlers from the participating Member States. After testing and piloting the data record structure, the experience gained will be passed on as a basis for further development.

The aim is to record information about seizures of dogs in the simplest but at the same time effective way, with the possibility of using this information also in the international space as a support for service performance.

X-ray image and data exchange

The analysing of x-ray images gives the customs officers the opportunity to successfully identify potential concealments, hidden goods and substances (like drugs for example).

Teacher: Norbert Jakus

Risk analysis - profiling and document control

Goal and objective

·         To prepare trainers for training customs officers in a field of:

    • Risk management, risk analysis;
    • Identifying, developing, sharing and applying best working practices during document control;
    • Basics of interviewing and profiling;
    • Interviewing and people profiling.


·         In this course the following subjects will be discussed:

o    Identification of risk

o    Practical tools for risk analysis

o    Ability to work with open data sources

o    Carrying out risk analysis in order to make documentary customs control

o    Factors using for selection of people for customs control

Learning outcomes

·         improved knowledge and skills in risk analysis and methods

·         increased knowledge on how to detect risk indicators during document control

·         developing interpersonal skills useful in customs control in the field of human behavior

·         trained officials who can pass on the gained information to colleagues

Competences to be developed

·         Professional competencies                  Operational competencies

o    dealing with operational risk                   - customs legislation

o    drive for results                                          - risk analysis

o    teamwork                                                    - customs declaration processing

o    processing information

o    oral communication

o    body language

o    analytical thinking

Target group

·         Customs officers working at the EU´s external land border, who аре dealing with analysis of risk related data and perform customs control.

Recommended number of participants

·         11-22


·         3 days practical training

Delivery and the methodology

·         Practical training including some theory, practical exercises in real working environment, case studies and simulation.


·         During practical exercises and simulation.

Contact information

  • Team of trainers: Barszcz Jacek (PL), Szwedo Wojciech (PL), Siivola Timo (FI),  Nagymihály Zoltán (HU), Željko Milković (HR)

·         Contact person: Jacek Barszcz

·         E-mail: jacek.barszcz@mf.gov.pl

Enhanced cooperation between Customs and Border Guard at external land border crossing points

  • CELBET2 related activities: check-list of CA/BG shift leaders activities, updated Guidelines on CA/BG cooperation, etc. different aspects of work in the BCP:
    • cooperation in information exchange
    • cooperation in performing border checks
    • cooperation in the field of risk analysis
    • cooperation in the field of infrastructure and equipment
    • cooperation in BCP management.

    Bus search

    • To identify, develop, share and apply best working practices and provide practical examples and share experience.
    • To reinforce the skills and competences of customs officials.
    • To increase safety and security, protect citizens and the environment.
    • Helping legal traffic

    Mobile controls/ action tactical training

    • To improve the professional and technical skills, and professional competencies (especially handling conflict, coping with stress, problem solving, interpersonal relations) of mobile control customs officers,
    • Better and more effective performance of customs controls
    • To fulfil the daily work in a saftey working environment.

    Car search

    • To identify, develop, share and apply best working practices and administrative procedures.
    • To reinforce the skills and competences of customs officials.
    • To improve administrative capacity of the customs authority.
    • To increase safety and security, protect citizens and the environment.

    X-Ray Image Analysing

    • To increase understanding, knowledge and practical skills on how to properly read and evaluate x-ray images presenting different means of transportation (empty as well as loaded with different cargo: containers, trucks, trailers, cars, buses, railway wagons).
    • To provide practical examples of x-ray images.
    • To share experience among participants of the course about existing anomalies visible on the x-ray image and real cases of x- ray seizures.
    • To increase safety and security, protect citizens and the environment.

    Sniffer Dogs Training

    • To enhance the sniffer dogs´ training.
    • To improve the vocational skills of the dog handlers.
    • To exchange the practical experience and best practices.
    • To increase safety and security, protect citizens and the environment.

    Customs control process

    • To spread common approach in performing customs control at the EU external border by sharing working examples, best practises and methods.
    • To increase safety and security, protect citizens and the environment.

    Interesting seizures 2019-2020. Case studies

    It is our pleasure to welcome you to this section of the training platform. It was established to share with you interesting seizures and case studies from the CELBET Member States. Information on seizures is being collected by the CELBET Risk Management Team each quarter of the year. We believe that sharing of the information among us is essential and crucial, therefore we would be glad if you could share with the CELBET community interesting cases and findings which happened at your border crossing point. 

    CELBET Webinars

    • The CELBET webinar is an online training event. 
    • It is one of the modern solutions allowing reaching out to a wide audience, geographically spread, with minimal costs.
    • A webinar is a virtual space allowing online teaching/working by sharing video, audio, documents, chats, virtual whiteboards or screens in real time as part of an educational/work experience.”

    CELBET Expert Teams

    The Expert of CELBET:

    • Participates actively in a specific CELBET team as outlined in the Business Case of CELBET 3, implements and completes undertaken tasks
    •  Is collaborative and values others’ contributions
    • Gives input, shares best practices and creates new initiatives needed for team’s work.
    • Lobbies and builds support for CELBET ideas and plans within his/her home administration.