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    Dear friends,

    In these times of restrictions and prohibitions, CELBET Training Team is still keeping active contact in virtual world. Team is having regular online meetings to discuss the future plans for CELBET 3 which will start at the end of May. At the moment it seems that contact trainings won´t be possible to organize for a long time, so we have to find new ways to deliver our trainings.

    To do this, we are in contact with our trainers and planning together with them webinars on different topics. This is a new initiative for CELBET, but with good planning and experienced trainers we are certain that it will be a success. We are hoping to organize first webinars already on May, and have them as part of our training offer together with more traditional contact training courses.

    At the same time we are of course planning and developing also our contact training courses, and the first one of them will be English language course for Customs officers. This course will be organized as soon as the travelling is safe and not restricted. We will also continue our trainings on Customs control process, Bus search etc. during CELBET 3. Besides the ones that we already have organized earlier we are developing together with our trainers new trainings based on training needs from CELBET member states, as an example can be mentioned Train search, which is very important topic at the moment.

    We wish you all warm and sunny spring and hope to soon meet you live! Let´s keep safe and healthy.

    Norbert, Sari, Kalina, Zsolt and George

    • Upcoming events

      CELBET Training team have started preparation of CLEP course “Specialised training for enhancing the use of law enforcement terminology in the customs control scenarios performed at the BCPs together with Romanian and Lithuanian Customs. Up now, trainers was selected and development of the content for this course have already started. The course will be organized in Romania in 2020. Trainers of this topic have been selected and they will soon be starting to develop the content for this new training course.

      The next  period is going to be very active for CELBET  Training team and we will very soon share our schedule for 2020.

      Below are presented the most important activities of CELBET 2 Training team so far.

      • CELBET training on “Risk analysis – profiling and document control” , 4-6 February 2020, Croatia

        CELBET training on “Risk analysis – profiling and document control” was held in Dubrovnik and Karasovici BCP, Croatia. 10 participants from the CELBET BCPs were trained by international team of CELBET trainers from Croatia, Finland, Hungary and Poland. First day session was focused on risk assessment, risk indicators and fake documents. A lot of interesting cases studies for detection of fraud based on risk analysis related to heavy traffic on the land borders were discussed. The second day started with sharing of interesting national cases showing the importance of local risk analysis performed at the BCPs. Very active discussion for exchanging experience and good practices took place. Another key topic was opened during the second day, the human factor during customs control – profiling, interviewing, interrogation at the BCP. Workshops and role plays were organized for practicing newly acquired knowledge. The third training day was organized in the BCP Karasovici, bordering Montenegro. Risk indicators were presented in real life and the trainees performed document control and physical checks based on risk analysis in different customs control scenarios.

        As it was a train-the-the trainer course, the participants expressed their willingness to share at national level what they have learned during theoretical and practical sessions.

        The training was documented by the Croatian media:

        • CELBET Car search training in Evzoni, Greece, 10-12 December 2019


          CELBET Centre of expertise on training topic Car Search organized a training in Greece, in BCP Evzoni for Greek Customs officers working at EU external land border. 

          In training took part 13 officers and the trainers came from Finland and Hungary.
          First day of training was theoretical: trainers told about different structures and technologies of cars, about alternative fuels and electronic cars and also about very 

          important part of all Customs control work: occupational safety. 

          On the beginning of the second day students were shown how to remove the airbag from car safely. After that students got a chance to test in practice all new information

           about possible hiding places in cars when they were doing a car search for cars, 

          which trainers had equipped with something to find. 

          Third day of training was organized in premises of two different car dealers, Mercedes Benz and Toyota, where students had a chance to acknowledge with these car brands.
          Feedback from students was very positive, and students hoped to get more trainings on this topic. According to feedback, especially important for their daily work was the 

          practical part of the training.

          • CELBET X-ray course in Estonia (October 22-24, 2019)

            As a new initiative the CELBET X-ray trainers supported the national X-ray image analysing training for Estonian customs officers in Narva. During 3 days 36 Estonian X-ray operators were trained by Slovak, Hungarian and Estonian trainers, supported by Estonian X-ray instructors. This initiative will be followed by more national trainings like X-ray image analysing and Car search trainings in Greece.

            • CELBET Customs Control Process training at Röszke BCP, Hungary, (October 08-10, 2019)

              SzegedRoszke BCP

              On 08-10 October 2019  the second CELBET training on Customs control process took place at Röszke BCP on the Hungarian-Serbian border. It was delivered by a team of trainers from Hungary and Poland and 18 participants took part in this practical training representing all CELBET MS. The first day of the training was aimed at presenting the basic theoretical part, covering key aspects of the customs control process in passenger traffic - the selection process based on local risk analysis, interviewing and profiling and the following seizures. The next day was focused on the smuggling methods and the car search results. The participants had the possibility to see interesting cases in the confiscated cars area on the BCP where the Hungarian trainers provided detailed information on the particular cars and seizures. The trainees also presented interesting national cases as the exchange of experience between the customs officers is very useful for improving their work practices. On the last day, the participants were involved in the real practical situation and worked at the BCP guided by the Hungarian colleagues. The participants performed, in groups, first line or secondary control at the BCP, putting into practice their work experience as well as the newly acquired knowledge on the main risks at Röszke BCP.

              • Bus search course, Przemysl, Poland, 01-03 October


                A brand new training was organised by Polish revenue Administration and CELBET in Przemysl, Poland. 25 Customs officers were trained by Polish and Hungarian trainers on how to control, and physically check a bus and the passengers. More than hal of the training was practical with a lot of hands on exercises and on the last day of the training, at the BCP Medyka the participants could practise their knowledge in a real life situation. This practise was a real success as one of the trainers found 14 kilograms of amber hidden in the air condition system of a bus.