Risk analysis - profiling and document control

Goal and objective

·         To prepare trainers for training customs officers in a field of:

    • Risk management, risk analysis;
    • Identifying, developing, sharing and applying best working practices during document control;
    • Basics of interviewing and profiling;
    • Interviewing and people profiling.


·         In this course the following subjects will be discussed:

o    Identification of risk

o    Practical tools for risk analysis

o    Ability to work with open data sources

o    Carrying out risk analysis in order to make documentary customs control

o    Factors using for selection of people for customs control

Learning outcomes

·         improved knowledge and skills in risk analysis and methods

·         increased knowledge on how to detect risk indicators during document control

·         developing interpersonal skills useful in customs control in the field of human behavior

·         trained officials who can pass on the gained information to colleagues

Competences to be developed

·         Professional competencies                  Operational competencies

o    dealing with operational risk                   - customs legislation

o    drive for results                                          - risk analysis

o    teamwork                                                    - customs declaration processing

o    processing information

o    oral communication

o    body language

o    analytical thinking

Target group

·         Customs officers working at the EU´s external land border, who аре dealing with analysis of risk related data and perform customs control.

Recommended number of participants

·         11-22


·         3 days practical training

Delivery and the methodology

·         Practical training including some theory, practical exercises in real working environment, case studies and simulation.


·         During practical exercises and simulation.

Contact information

  • Team of trainers: Barszcz Jacek (PL), Szwedo Wojciech (PL), Siivola Timo (FI),  Nagymihály Zoltán (HU), Željko Milković (HR)

·         Contact person: Jacek Barszcz

·         E-mail: jacek.barszcz@mf.gov.pl